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    AC/DC/EC Axial Fans & Blowers
    AC/EC Centrifugal Fans
    AC/DC Cross Flow Fans
    Fan Accessories: Fan Guard, Plug Cord
    Outer Rotor
    Micro Fans
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    GULF, a local leading fan brand in Taiwan
    with more than 50 years experience.
    Now been expanding service scope to
    worldwide and sell to over 100 countries.
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    Made in Taiwan
    Gives You High Quality Assurance.

GULF ELECTRICS CO., LTD was established in 1965 in Taiwan. Based on more than 50 years of experience in cooling industry, GULF has become the leader in manufacturing cooling fans. With the commitment to our clients worldwide, we insist on not only every aspect of manufacturing, from material selection, analysis-based design, precise production, 100% quality control to customer-oriented service, but also through the continuous analysis and advanced technology to deliver product excellence.

Our wide product lines include AC Fans & Blowers, DC Fans & Blowers, EC Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Cross Flow Fans, Outer Rotor Fans, Thermal Module and Fan Accessories, to provide you one-stop solution to fulfill all your cooling needs. All fans are made in Taiwan with high quality assurance and designed to meet UL, CE, RoHS and REACH requirements. Customization is also available including product specification and label & packaging design.

Our mission for the future is to continuously raise quality standard and keep optimizing product performance to BE YOUR BEST THERMAL SOLUTIONS.

∙ AC Axial Fans & Blowers
∙ DC Axial Fans & Blowers
∙ EC Fans
∙ AC & EC Centrifugal Fans
∙ AC & DC Cross Flow Fans
∙ Fan Accessories: Fan Guard, Fan Cord, Filter
∙ Outer Rotor Fans
∙ Micro Fans
∙ Thermal Module